We love to cook efficiently!

“We have significantly less smoke in our kitchen!”, tells Florence Nyiramisiyoni from Burera excited. Together with her 3 kids the 25 year old live at the edge of the Virunga massif in a village called Rwankongi. A small mud-walled hut is their home. “I´m very happy to have the new stove here and use it every day for all meals I´m preparing. We now cook since one month and all our expectations have been exceeded. Surprising was the convenient handling and the robustness of the stove.“ Florence´s family (left) is one of the first, that received an efficient cook stove in the context of the Virunga Mountain Gorilla Project for the conservation of the gorilla´s habitat.

Florence Uwamahore (center) owns also one of the first stoves and lives with her kids in the same village. “How do you benefit from your new stove?”, asks Faustin, our assistant on the ground, who is in tight contact with the locals. “We use to cook on the traditional 3-stone-fire and needed a lot of firewood. With the efficient stove we can reduce this amount by 2/3, that´s an incredible improvement of our livability. The hours we spend for the time consuming collecting of firewood can now be used for other activities.”, says Florence.

That is also confirmed by N. mahoro Philomene (right) from Cyanika Sector. “My kids and me now have much more time for school and agriculture. It´s unbelievable, that such a small stove can have such a big effect, but on the other hand it´s seems to be crystal clear – cooking is the most important topic in Rwanda.”, she smiles.