We visit Mukasine and her family in Kabatwa

Some month have now gone since the first stoves have been dissemiated in the region of Kabatwa. Before the visit, we were very excited , how the stoves have proofen its worth in praxis. After a longer offroad trip we reached the sector office of Kabatwa and went – together with our local partners – to the hut of Ancille Mukasine. She gave us a warm welcome and guides us inside to her new improved cook stove with the number 01481. They are just cooking. Ancille proudly tells us, how the stove has significantly ameliorated the life of her family. The smoking gases have fallen substantially: She has no irritated red eyes and irritated lounges any more. Now she spends 50 Rwandan Franc (apps. 5 Cent) for firewood per day – a sixth of what she had to spend when the family cooked on the traditional three-stone-fire.
Very important is also the factor time. The cooking time is halved, she gains one full hour per day – that´s a lot, considering the circumstance that the people only can work for around 12 hours a day due to the lack of electric light in the huts. So, she has more time for agriculture and other basic activities.
We are again overwhelmed how the pure numbers in the times of the project planning now mean for the real life of the families in Kabatwa. This successful project implementation strengthens us in our work for future challenges. When leaving, I´m shaking Ancille´s hand – as a project partner.