To enable continuous project support locally in Rwanda, an office has been rented out from our project partners IGCP in Musanze. Musanze is located in a district with the same name in the Northern Province, just a few kilometers from the National Park. Our office does not lie on the border with the National Park, but it is within walking distance of the rainforest. This is the main starting point for gorilla trekking.

Faustin Ngirabakunzi is one of employees in Musanze: „It is a real pleasure for me to work for this unique project. My former responsibilities for IGCP meant I was often on the road in the National Park area, helping with the collection of data. To be able to help my fellow Rwandans to achieve a sustainable improvement to their daily lives and at the same time to pro- tect our sensitive ecosystem, the home of the mountain gorillas, makes me very proud.“